CA-255 من 10 بوصه حتي 42 بوصه LED , LCD انفرتر للشاشات

ج.م.‏ 100٫00
اطلب المنتج الان وتمتع بخدمة الشحن حتي باب المنزل والدفع عند الاستلام

التغديه :10.8-28 فولت

الخرج : 15-88 فولت


CA-255 10-42inch LED TV Constant current board ,LED TV universal inverter,LED TV backlight driver board


Input Vol:: 10.8-28V
Output Vol:: 15-88v
size: 8.5x4.5CM

1.VCC:  power supply and voltage positive, circuit voltage (The voltage is usually 12V or 24V)

2.ON / OFF, ON, EN, ON_BL etc: switch foot, foot switch signal (The voltage range is between 2.5V-5V)

3. PWM, PDIM, VDAJ, BL-PWM et al: brightness adjustable feet  (Dimming have two modes, one is in digital mode -PWM,
one is analog dimming -DC

4.The PWM is called pulse width adjustment, which generates a rectangular square wave signal,

the frequency is generally 200HZ-2KHZ,
the voltage amplitude is generally 3.3V, PDIM English shorthand, Dim means"brightness."
The Analog dimming is by the DC voltage ,it is  usually transferred directly to the foot
which provide 0V-5V DC voltage to control the brightness.

GND: ground (negative)

LED +: light-emitting diode (LED strip) Positive

LED-: light-emitting diode (LED strip) Negative

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